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I am so excited to be offering unicorn/ cowboy cowgirl minis again this year! I do need to tell you that I have decided this is the last year I will be offering these mini sessions so if it has been on your list don’t miss it! Below you will find all the session information and photos from the session taken over the last few years! To book your Spot email me at kristigaytonphotography@gmail.com

reno nevada cowboy mini sessions with pony kristi gayton photography

Where will the sessions take place this year?

This years sessions will take place at Maplewood stables. It is a beautiful property and this will be our first year thre.

Reno family photographer cowgirl mini sessions bartley ranch reno kristi gayton photography

The address is 425 West Laramie Drive Reno Nevada.

When will the sessions be?

These sessions will take place on June 1st in the late afternoon and early evening.

How are time slots assigned?


Time slots will be assigned on a first paid basis. Once you pay your invoice (due in full) you will get an email with available time slots. I will be going to the property next week to choose the exact location on the property and will send everyone details on where to park etc.

What is the cost?

The cost of the sessions is $225

What is included?

-30 minutes being photographed with the Unicorn / pony

- 10 digital files (with the option to purchase more after you see your gallery


- a pony ride following the photos.

What should I dress my child in?

This is a great opportunity to get your kiddo all dressed up to enjoy the full experience. Girls often come in fun summer boutique style dresses and of course you can bring them in their full cowboy or cowgirl gear if you are going that route.


When will you be doing these again?

This will be the last year I will be offering unicorn mini sessions.


How many kids can be included in one session?

Technically you can have as many kiddos as you would like share a spot just keep in mind that they are then dividing the 30 minute time slot and there are the same amount of digital (10 total) no matter how many kids you include so you’d be limiting the number of images you get per child.

Is there anything else I should know?

-you will want to arrive 10 minutes early so your child can watch the ponies before their turn and warm up etc. If you are late it will cut into your session time.

-Arrive with your child dressed and ready for the session so we can start on time.

-There are no public restrooms on the property.


-You may want to make sure you put sunscreen on your child before the session.


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Reno photographer mini session cowboy theme kristi gayton photography