Reno Newborn Photographer | 10 Things About Me | Kristi Gayton Photography

You will probably start to notice some of my blog posts getting a little more personal- but just a little at a time...

I am realizing how important it is that my clients know who I am as a person. Don’t we always feel the closest to the business owners that we know random personal little things about? I know this to be true for me because some of my favorite photographers and local business owners to follow on social media are the ones that let me into their  homes (virtually) and share with me little insights about who they are… their dog, favorite shows, food addictions, etc.

Of course I LOVE sharing photos of my beautiful clients and telling you all about the fun we have while shooting but my life does extend beyond the camera lens!

So, in an effort to share a bit more about myself I am going to start out in the safety zone of a “ten things about me” post. You have probably seen these sweeping Facebook and if you are like me you read them because once in a while you learn something a little crazy about one of your friends like that her pinky toe nails don’t grow. Yep! That was about me … consider it a random bonus fact! So, here we go... 10 things you may or may not know about me! 

#1. I met my firefighter hubby when I was a teacher and he came to my school on a call for a student. We didn’t’ actually meet right then because well you know he was busy working but there was prolonged eye contact and a childhood friend who worked with him ended up introducing us shortly after.
#2. I refuse to eat coconut. It’s not so much a taste thing but the texture… like chewing on a hangnail- so just eww!
#3. I have recently become addicted to Kombucha. It is fermented tea (but I’m sure everyone already knows that and I was just late to the party).  I can’t go to the grocery store without adding a couple to my cart. My faves are the ones with pomegranate but it drives me a little crazy how they fizz all over the place and make a giant mess when you open them.
#4. Candies that begin with the letter S are my favorite! Skor bars, Skittles, Sour patch kids, and Snickers. I can’t resist Sour patch kids and popcorn at the movie theater. Yes… I know popcorn starts with P but just saying it’s a good combo!
#5. I have some serious love for emojis and I overuse them like crazy… It’s not a problem I plan to correct. I think a little heart and smiley face wink at the end of a text message really helps get your enthusiasm across- especially if you add two or three extra explanation points, which I also tend to do!!!
#6. Vintage, antique, and boutique shopping is the way to my heart! I love looking through local shops and finding little treasures that I just can’t live without to decorate my home. Maybe one of these days I will post about some of the coolest shops around Reno. We have some of the most amazing businesses and business owners here!
#7. I love heart shaped things … I am just drawn to hearts. Maybe because it is kind of a thing with the women on my Mom’s side of the family... My Aunt Julie in Idaho has a dish filled with all the heart rocks she has collected over time. I am working on starting my own little collection. The first heart rock I was given my Uncle Val found for me on my wedding day! Love him!
#8. I DON’T love to cook but I do LOVE to bake! Thank goodness I married a fireman- they tend to be great cooks because they have to cook at work and I am doubly lucky because my husband enjoys doing the cooking. I love baking – it’s messy (when I’m the one in charge), fun, and who doesn’t love to eat all the carbs?!
#9. I am an INFJ personality which only 1% of the population are… this comes from a personality test which is really fun and for me was super accurate! I am empathetic and intuitive. Most people would guess I am an extrovert but I’m really more introverted and need alone time to recharge. If you want to take the test you can here.
#10. The most exciting random useless fact of all about me is that we are planning to add a new addition to our family in about a year! For those of you that just gasped and had the image of a baby pop into your heads replace it with the image of an adorable furry pup! I’ve had my heart set on adopting a new fur baby into our family and we are thinking next spring! I’m doing research to find just the right fit for our family and hoping for a little guy. Right now a cavachon breed is at the top of my list but I would love to hear suggestions!