Ronald McDonald House Partnership

It has been on my heart to use photography as a way to give back. After giving it some thought I reached out to the Ronald McDonald House in Reno to see if there was a way for me to serve their families. 

I had the opportunity to tour the Ronald McDonald House in Reno, Nevada. If you haven't heard of it please go follow them on Instagram and Facebook. The house provides helpful resources for families with a child fighting or recovering from an illness or accident in an area hospital. In addition to providing families with a place to call home so they can stay near the hospital they also have scholarship programs, mobile care, and financial travel assistance.   

If you are looking for a way to help, you can donate money or your time. The house is always looking for people to make meals for the families in the house. My family and I will be taking dinner in October and I hope to make it a monthly tradition. 

I have also partnered up with the Ronald McDonald house to donate newborn sessions to families that were unable to have that experience due to an extended stay in NICU or the overwhelming cost of having a new baby in the hospital. 

I am so excited to introduce to you baby Rakenna. Her parents stayed at the Ronald McDonald house while she was in NICU and they have graciously given me permission to share her images with you. They were over the moon to be out of the hospital with a healthy baby and headed home but it was so important to them to get into the studio first and have images of their sweet baby captured. When my son saw Rakenna's Dad he asked him: "Have you ever seen Moana?" And to my son's amusement Louis burst out into song singing "You're Welcome" just like Maui. 

As the months go on I will be continuing to find way to raise money for the house-stay tuned.