Preparing For you In Home Lifestyle Session

This post will help you prepare for your in home lifestyle session. If you aren’t sure if this type of session is right for you and want to know more about the difference between an in home lifestyle newborn session and an in studio newborn session please read my previous blog post on choosing which session is best for your growing family.

If you decide that an in home session is the best fit there are a few things you will want to do to prepare

1.Select two or three areas in your home that you would like to have photographed. These should be areas that have plenty of natural light, reflect your personal style, and have an area to sit such as a bed or chair or even a counter to lean against. In this session the couple had recently re-located and re-modeled the kitchen in their new home. They chose the kitchen as one of the areas the wanted to highlight as it is an important part of the home to them and a reflection of their personal style.

in home lifestyle photography Reno Nevada

2. Decide whether or not you would like to incorporate your pets in the session. This should primarily be determined by the temperament and behavior of your pet. If you feel very confident that your pet does not pose a safety issue for the baby or photographer and would like them included let your photographer know up front so they can plan to safety incorporate them into the session.

newborn session with dog reno nevada

3. Tidy up the areas you would like photographed. Keep in mind that anything you leave in that space could potentially be in the images so it is a good idea to eliminate cords, laundry, clutter on dressers or nightstands, bouncers or other baby items that you don’t want photographed etc. Please do not worry about cleaning your whole house. Your photographer is their to document this special time for you and is not concerned with the areas of the home where they will not be taking photos.


4. Prepare to be in the photos. Lifestyle sessions are much more focused on the entire family and not just baby. Try and dress for the feel of your home. This means dressing in a way that fits with your home environment. You can coordinate with your partner as far as colors etc. Try and avoid loud colors and patterns. I suggests soft clothing without buttons to avoid scratching or irritating the baby. I am always happy to help clients narrow down clothing selections.


5. Don’t hesitate to ask to have simple sentimental baby items incorporated into the session. Do you have a pocket watch that belonged to your grandfather or a stuffed animal that was gifted to you from someone special or that you just love? Definitely ask about having it incorporated into your session! These are the types of things that give your photos a special personal touch! Here is Baby B with his sweet little bunny.

nursery lifestyle newborn session Kristi Gayton reno nevada

6. Notify your photographer of special circumstances in advance. For example, baby B is a rainbow baby. Knowing that ahead of time allowed me time to plan to create this special composited photoshop image for the family.

rainbow baby newborn composite