Newborn Video: A session With Newborn Photographer Kristi Gayton | Reno Newborn Photographer

There is nothing more rewarding than the sweet texts and emails I get from parents after they leave the studio from their session and tell me how much they enjoyed the experience and how comfortable they were here. As a way to convey that to future clients I was going to need to create a video that people could share with their friends and that I could put out into the community, social media etc. to bring in my perfect client matches. 

Those of you that know me best know that my palms were sweating just thinking about being on the other side of the camera. It takes me a long time to warm up to being photographed but this was going beyond! This was going to mean someone following me with a camera while I worked AND mean that I would have to do some talking that would be recorded. Anyone else out there just not love the sound of their voice? I nearly buried the idea in my backyard and ran the other direction!

This is where Brian of Keepsake Videography came in to make me put down the shovel and be vulnerable. It may be true that I am camera shy and a lot more of an introvert than people would believe BUT it is also true that people love and value experiences so ... Fast forward to now. The video is here and ready to watch! I am so thankful that Brian encouraged me to just be me and go for it! I even left in the "outtake" at the beginning - Keeping it real! 

So now that it is here I would love for you to share the crap out of my shy self and post it wherever you can think to do so. It means soooo very much to me! I will be sending the link out via newsletter very soon as well as posting on social media with a giveaway for those of you sharing. If you haven't signed up for the newsletter yet and don't want to miss the giveaway you can do that here.