In Home Lifestyle vs. In Studio - Which Style Is Right For You? | Reno Newborn Photographer | Kristi Gayton Photography

Let's go over the differences between In Home Lifestyle Sessions and Studio newborn sessions so you have a better idea which best fits your family and personal style! The images in this blog showcase sweet newborn Sutton and his family during their lifestyle session in their beautiful home in Reno. You can see they utilized their living room and Sutton's nursery.

lifestyle newborn session family on couch

First, what is an in home lifestyle session?

These newborn sessions allow for you to stay at home with your family and have the photographer travel to you! It's a way to capture your new baby in the most comfortable setting possible... YOUR HOME! The word lifestyle in photography means capturing normal day to day life as opposed to a more posed type of session. A lifestyle session would be a good choice for you if...

- You LOVE the look and feel of your home and feel it is a great representation of you.

- Your favorite areas of your home get plenty of natural light. 

-You don't mind cleaning the areas that will be used for the session.

- You want a majority of the photos to include you and your partner and other children as well as the new baby.

-You don't like being posed and don't like the look of posed photos

-You want to keep things super simple and choose just one or two outfits from home for your baby.

- You aren't a big fan of newborn props and would rather utilize their home environment: crib, parents, room, etc. 

-You don't feel ready to leave home with your new baby. 


Now, what is a studio newborn session? 

These newborn sessions are done in a professional photographers studio and allow you to enjoy the experience of watching your baby be photographed in an environment where everything is provided to you. In studio sessions utilize newborn props, outfits, and posing. An In-Studio session would be a good choice for you if...

-You LOVE the images you see on Pinterest of newborns posed by a professional photographer. 

-You don't want to showcase your home in photos or don't feel your home is the best representation of your personal style, etc. 

-You would rather not have to worry about cleaning right after having a new baby.

-You would like to be in a few of the photos with your new baby and have older siblings included as well but want the majority of the session to be focused on just the baby alone. 

-You like the idea of having a photographer pull props and outfits that match your nursery/home and style the session for you to create works of art.

Hopefully that gives you an idea of which style of newborn session is right for you! I provide both In Home Lifestyle and In Studio session options and I love photographing both! I am happy to travel in the Reno Sparks Tahoe and Carson area for sessions and also love having clients join me in my home studio. I have a separate hang out room with toys, a TV, and movie options for older siblings. I will be writing a blog post soon that explains more about my home newborn studio and the experience here. I am also so excited to be in the process of having a videographer creating a behind the scenes video for me so you can see what a session is really like. xo Scroll down to see more of Sutton's lifestyle session... 

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