Best Essential Oils for Babies and Families - Reno Newborn Photographer - Kristi Gayton Photography

I LOVE using Doterra essential oils in my home and for my family. For those of you that have already been introduced to Doterra oils and want to learn more about the best oils to use for your babies and kids you are in the right place. For those of you that have never heard of these oils... Oh my goodness! Let's get started! As a momma of two myself I am always looking for more natural remedies and ways to prevent sicknesses and get rid of them when they do pop up! Essential oils have been the answer for me and I want to share more about them with you today too!  


I am so excited to introduce you to my friend and Doterra Advocate/Rep Alicia Thomas. This lady is a rockstar momma and has literally changed her life with these amazing oils. She has used them to transform her own personal health, the health or her family and friends, and she's found a way to bring in a substantial income while doing it!

"3 years ago I embarked on my dōTERRA journey seeking for something safe and effective for our sweet son Sawyer, I had no idea what essential oils were, let alone how to use them! I thought, “oh gosh another hippy MLM movement.” The more I began to use these precious oils, saw firsthand that they worked I couldn’t stop talking about them. I remember coming to my beautiful friend Keeli telling her, "I just want to get my oils paid for so my husband stops asking why another dōTERRA box just showed up!” Well the more I began to share and see families lives change through holistic approaches I knew my heart was being pulled to jump full feet in! dōTERRAs quality, mission, and humanitarian services drew my heart closer to align with this amazing company! Since having our first son Sawyer I’ve longed to stay home. My husband works so hard for us and I knew I wanted to find something that aligned with my core values and withhold my independence while raising our family! For the last 8 years I have worked for our school district, 3 of those years I’ve been building my dōTERRA business. I have spent many late nights, early morning, and all the in-between building my “empowerment tribe.” I can’t say my journeys been all roses, I have had moments of failure, tears, doubt, and fear of the unknown. Through every obstacle, my husband reminded me why I started this beautiful journey! He saw that fire in my eyes, the imprint on my heart and knew this was mine/our future! I’m currently at the rank of Diamond.  For those who don’t know dōTERRA, Diamond is a rank at the top 8% of the company out of 5 million people. After three years of immense dedication and hard work I’ve exceed my full-time job income by 10k this last year! My families life will forever be changed, my life is forever changed! This is a healthcare movement, not a fad. I’m so grateful for my family, dōTERRA, and my beautiful tribe."

Alicia is actually hosting a "Babies and Essential Oils" class on the 26th of this month! She will be sharing even more wonderful information during a Facebook and Instagram Live so be sure to scroll to the bottom to find her social media account information so you can follow her and join in on that!

The Doterra kit that Alicia recommends for babies and young children is the Touch Kit. I have this in my home and we absolutely love it! 

Here's what Alicia has to say about the kit and oils: 

Your choice to engage in holistic, self-directed healthcare opens new possibilities for ways to live empowered in your daily life. dōTERRA, provides you with nature’s solutions so you can care for the whole you and enhance your physical, mental, and emotional health. As you personally experience the power of essential oils, you will understand why dōTERRA is revolutionizing the way families are boosting their health. 

Envision a life where finding solutions are simple. That's what I longed for when our first son Sawyer was born. When I first learned of dōTERRA essential oils, I was completely skeptical. It wasn’t until I saw firsthand how they worked on my son that I began to believe. Our first son had an array of stomach discomfort, he was colic and extremely uncomfortable. I knew as a new mom I wanted the best, safest solution to support his little body. We tried medication and it didn't work, I knew this path for us was not an option, so I began searching for a better way, that’s when I stumbled upon doTERRA.

Safe, effective solutions for your sweet babies doesn't have to be overwhelming or complicated. I want to highlight my favorite bundle for new mommas and their babies! The doTERRA Touch Kit. This kit comes with the top nine oils carefully formulated and diluted to make it easy and convenient for anyone. 

* Lavender (soothing blend)

* Breathe  (respiratory support) 

* Digestzen (tummy tamer) 

* Melaleuca (skin perfection)

* Oregano (immune support)

* Onguard (immune support)

* Frankincense (cellular health)

* Deep blue (joint and muscle support)

* Peppermint (digestive, respiratory support) 

Essential oils give us a tool turn to when everything else seems complicated. If you're searching for a safe alternative for your sweet babies please feel free to contact me Alicia Thomas, or visit my Everlasting Essentials website for additional information at or browse my social platforms on Instagram or Facebook