Am I the right wedding photographer for you?

Congratulations on your engagement! It is so special to have found that one person that is your perfect match! Now, as you plan your wedding day you are on the hunt for the perfect vendors to make your big day run smoothly. As a wedding photographer and a former bride I completely understand how important it is that you "click" with your vendors. Meeting with all those potential vendors can sometimes be stressful and there are occasionally meetings that leave both parties (the couple and the vendor) feeling like perhaps it was a mis-match from the beginning. I don’t believe that there is a one size fits all photographer for every couple. We all have our own strengths, personalities, and style! So, how do you know if I am the right fit for you? Easy Peasy!

You are probably a KG couple if…

You are taking the time to read this! You could have simply clicked the “contact me” button without taking the time to see what this is all about so- Woo-hoo we are hitting it off already ;) !

Your wedding photographs are one of your top priorities when it comes to your big day. After the cake is cut and your guests head home, your memories and photographs are what you will have left to cherish. You have a budget (of course) but you ultimately want to find the best fit and you are not simply looking for the lowest price tag.

You love the outdoors and want as many of your wedding photos as possible to be taken outside as well. If weather does not allow for an outdoor wedding (think snow) you would still love to have outdoor portraits.

You want photographs of your wedding details (dress, jewelry, shoes, family heirlooms, rings, bouquet,etc.). You put a lot of time and money into each unique detail and you want to have those things captured so you can look back and remember or share with your kids one day. 

Bride and Groom portraits are a priority when it comes to your big day. You want to take some time with your husband/wife on the wedding day to have special photos captured of just the two of you! Bonus if you think a first look is for you!

You have already seen my portfolio and the style of my work fits your vision.

You are hoping to have engagement photos done (an engagement session is included in my top two packages.

The words genuine, joyful, and connected resonate with you! It is my goal when I am photographing a wedding to capture genuine and joyful moments as well as moments of connection between my couples and their loved ones and also to provide a  genuine and joyful experience with the hope of staying connected with my couples as they plan their wedding and long after it is over. 

You want a great experience, not just great photos! You would like someone who is willing to go the extra mile (help you find other vendors, help with the timeline, someone you can send a photo of your dress or shoes to, etc.) Even more importantly you would like to walk away from the day saying how much fun you had during your portraits and hearing your bridal party and family saying the same.  It is important to me to have a connection and relationship with my clients that extends beyond their wedding day. I love being able to follow my couples on their journey even after their wedding day which is why I haven't been able to give up maternity and newborn photography!

* If most of these apply to you we are probably on the right track to being a perfect match! Click here so we can take the next step toward making it official and meet over coffee.  xo

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