Best Books For Babies First Year

A love of reading started really early for my kiddos and one of my favorite things to do with them when they were tiny babes was cuddle up and read a story.

In honor of Children’s Book Day I thought it would be fun to share one book for each month of your babies first year of life! Wouldn’t it be sweet to put all of these books together in a basket as a baby shower gift?! I picked my favorite titles and made sure they weren’t boy/girl specific so that it is a great option for a baby shower when you don’t know they gender of the baby!

There is a link for each book and item in this post- all you have to do is click the picture and it will take you straight to Amazon- of course, because… well have we met?! If not … Hi :) My name is Kristi … I love my kids, my husband, reading, Amazon, my dogs, Amazon, photography, Amazon, Johanna Gaines, Amazon, Fixer upper, Amazon, babies, Amazon… oh and I did I mention Amazon? LOL

I love this canvas collapsible basket so much and it would look adorable filled with books! You could even add these little tags to the basket or paperclip one to each book so they can be reused for baby milestone photos!

Okay so now lets fill that cute basket with awesome books!

Newborn- “On The Night You Were Born” I’m not crying, you are crying! If you haven't read this book just wait and pretty soon we will all be crying! This is the sweetest book ever and really pulls at the new Momma heart strings!

1 month old- At this age babes can’t see very far or distinguish light or color well so high contrast is best. That is why I chose this adorable little black and white book.

2 months old- Finding all these books is making miss those tiny baby days! The tiny little blanket in this book is the sweetest.

3 months old- Another awesome book specially designed for babies limited vision.

4 months old- Baby is now in the phase where as soon as they get their tiny cute hands on something they stick it right in their mouth and they may even start getting teeth. This book has a teether built into it and a ring to attach it and take it anywhere baby goes so this book is perfect!

5 months old- Little one is starting to get more coordinated with their hands and will love being able to touch the bugs in this awesome book! Sticky, bumpy, smooth, they can explore it all!

6 months old- If babe gets transitioned to their crib at this point a nightly bedtime story will come in handy and I LOVE that this is actually a book! If you are a Despicable Me Fan you will be equally as excited. Yes… I know you may be thinking “What about Goodnight Moon” and while I love that one too I couldn’t resist adding this one to the list!

7 months old- At 7 months old your baby will be able to see in full color and start imitating sounds so this is a great pick to stimulate their senses while learning about animals. Eric Carle is one of my all time favorite authors and I love that this book has buttons with sound.

8 months old- A super cute interactive flap that I promise will get read over and over again. Both my babies loved this book!

9 months old- Object permanence starts to make sense to babes about now and this is a fun book for seek and find.

10 months old- The feet dangling out of the cover give baby something to play with and make this sweet story extra unique.

11 months old- This book will quickly become a favorite. A reminder that of course Mommas love their babies even if they were turned into a stinky skunk, alien, or silly ape.

1 year- This isn’t technically a book but a little album and requires the tiniest little bit of work on Mom and Dad’s part or yours if you want to put the photos in for them but it is so worth it! By the time baby is 1 they can treat things with a little more care and will love looking through their very own photo album of the people that love them! This was my sons most loved item to take in the car when he was a baby.

Of course adding this many books to a basket could add up quickly so if you are looking for a more budget friendly option you could purchase all of the items listed below for under $50 and even include this adorable little sock monkey to coordinate with the alphabet bin colors.

  • Alphabet Bin 11

  • “On The Night You Were Born” 6.70

  • “Pat The Bunny” 8

  • “I Love You Stinky Face” 7

  • “Who Loves Baby” Photo Book 7

  • Black and White Sock Monkey