5 Reasons You Need To Print: Self Esteem and Printed Images

Fair warning... I did my fair share of getting teary eyed writing #5 of this post so if I make ya cry - Sorry in advance! xo

I hear a lot of parents talk about how long it has been since they've updated family photos or printed images from their sessions. We all know that we should print updated images but do we know WHY we should? In this digital age it is more important than ever to make sure we have physical prints! 

1. Self-Esteem! Hands down the most important reason to print your images is to maintain and boost our kiddos self-esteem! In the same way that seeing their school work and awards makes them beam with pride they LOVE seeing images of themselves framed and on display around the house! Besides that it is a quick way to decorate! It's a win for you and them... way more effective than those "student of the month" bumper stickers we hide in a drawer and hope they forget about ( Just me?! LOL! ;) ) 

2. Digital will fail! Eventually you are going to try and access your images on DVD, USB, hard drive etc. to get an error message finding out your card cannot be read or your hard drive has crashed. Eventually technology fails or goes out of date (How many of you have VHS tapes sitting on a shelf you've been talking about transferring to more modern technology for years)? With that said you should always "back up your back ups" meaning having multiple copies of your images saved in multiple different places but if there is a photo you really really treasure you should absolutely make sure you print it too!  

3. Sense of Belonging. Seeing printed images in the home reinforces for kiddos the concept of belonging to a group. This is MY family, My home, that is MY baseball team ... I belong here! I remember when I was little always looking at the photos in my Grandparents home. My grandma had a line of frames across one of her shelves- one frame for each of her grandchildren and every year she would make sure she had an updated school picture of each of us to put inside the frames. I loved finding my photo in the line-up with my brother and my cousins. Sometimes my Grandma would get the past years photos out so we could look through them and compare how we had all grown. She also had a photo of my Mom from when she was a little girl in her bedroom. I remember staring at it every time I was there. I was in awe of the thought that my Mom had once been a little girl just like me and I loved comparing our features seeing how similar we looked at the same age. That wouldn't have been possible without the printed photo. 

4. Pride. Printed images reinforce a sense of pride and confidence in kids. Understanding the concept of...  I am so special that I am in a frame on display for everyone to see! These photos give your kids something to show others and feel proud of. 

5. Keeping Memories Alive! Those of you that have lost a love one will really be able to relate here. Photos allow us a daily reminder of the people that we have lost. Photos are memories. Long after a grandparent has gone your kids will still be able to hold the photo and remember how it felt to sit and talk with them or the sound of their voice. For me it is my Grandpa. As soon as I see a photo of him it takes me right back to holding his hand. He always held my hand while we talked. I have his picture on my bathroom vanity and every time I look at it I can hear him talking to me and feel him right there holding my hand. For Mommas, they can look at their images from their newborn session and remember exactly what it felt like to hold their new baby while they were unimaginably small. These memories need to be printed my friends... not left on a flash drive in a drawer. 

With all this being said what is my most treasured photograph? A moment that caputures my son Declan meeting his baby sister Esme for the first time in the hospital. I adore this image. I love the way that I am holding her out to him with my attention focused on him waiting for his reaction... and WHAT A BEAUTIFUL REACTION IT WAS! He loved her instantly! I will never forget this moment. The first thing he said was "That is MY baby!" My dear friend (also a local photographer) Darby Weber took this photo along with many others that day and I will treasure it forever! You may be wondering why I am sharing a photo of the printed image sitting on my daughter dresser that I snapped on my cell phone... Well proof of course! Proof that I printed the image! This photo has been framed and in my daughters room since shortly after she was born. I never want her to forget how much her brother loves her and she loves looking at this picture and asking me about the first time she met brother. 


And in case you missed this sweet video reminder...click here I'm not crying! You're crying!

Stay tuned for a blog post on ideas for printing your images: products, companies, gift ideas, etc. 

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