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As most of you know by now all of my family sessions are done in the form of minis... Here are 5 reasons why minis are the way to go and why I no longer spend more than 30 minutes on family sessions...

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1. For those of you that are camera shy like me ... it is over in a snap!

2. Time! Life is busy... especially if you are a parent. Minis allow you to get in and out without the hassle of rearranging your entire day. 

3. Kids have short attention spans... and some adults too! Less time means less bribing, whining, and begging for cheese faces. 

4. Fun! These short little sessions are fun because we are on the go the whole time moving from one thing to the next keeps everyone engaged. For the kiddos there is a lot of running, peeking, hiding, jumping, spinning, etc. to keep them entertained and it feels like "playing" not "posing." And 90% of the time my minis take place outside so it's a great way to get out of the house and enjoy the great outdoors! 

5. It covers the basics at a lower cost! For the most part I've found that families are just looking to update a few portraits on their walls. We can easily get the number of images you need during the 30 minutes. Mini sessions galleries include around 15-25 images to sort through and 5 high resolution digitals are included in your mini price with the option to purchase additional files, products, prints, etc making these sessions perfect for yearly updates and family gifts. 


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Bonus: One of my dearest clients was texting with her hubby about booking a mini session and when he found out that meant it was only 30 minutes long he responded with :
"BOOK IT! Our kids are maniacs! We can probably dress them up and get it done without getting their fancy clothes wrecked!"  ;)

My next mini sessions are April 21st and 22nd... The location is the same as what you see here in this blog post. Email me to book a spot or get on the mailing list to stay in the loop and hear about upcoming mini sessions. 

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