Vega Wedding Reno NV

There was so much to love about the beautiful union between these amazing people! They are both such accomplished individuals and dedicated to the health and safety of our local community… Linsey is a nurse and Landon a fireman. It was extra special to be able to capture their wedding day because my husband Tyler and I are blessed to count this amazing couple as friends. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I think the photos here will tell the story of the beautiful details. Can you believe that they beautiful arbor was made by Landon? He did such an amazing job. Many of the yard games were handmade by friends and family as well. Linsey’s sister Emma made the connect four game and the corn hole game was a gift from friends Hannah Winder and Jacob Nicholson. 

The part of the day that could not be adequately captured in photos was the exchange of vows. Linsey’s vows were so sweet and beautifully written. I just knew as I was listening to her that I would have to share her vows on the blog for everyone to reminisce so here we are:


I often joke with you that you were the winner of my boyfriend candidacy program. What I’ve never told you is that long before I met you I wrote out a list of character traits and qualities that I envisioned in a future partner.  These traits weren’t superficial “bloned hair and fast cars” type items, they included things like:
- Having a strong relationship with his family
- I wanted him to be a man of integrity and determination
- He would have a career he was passionate about
- That he would be someone who held my goals and aspirations with an equal weight to his own
- I wanted to have someone who challenged me, but also would remind me to have fun

Above all, I wanted someone who held me as priority and could share in my successes and my failures.

Over time, many candidates fell short of these traits and as a result, more often than not, didn’t last very long; when I met you, you too were measured against my list. As we hung out and I got to know you I found that you not only met what I envisioned for myself so many years prior- but you exceeded every item on my list beyond what I could have ever anticipated.  Through our experiences together, both happy and sad, you’ve shown me these qualities time and time again and each time, I am reminded how wonderful you are. To say that you are a perfect match for me seems like such an understatement.

What I hope you take away from hearing this today is that I value you,  not only for who you are but because I asked for you , very specifically. Looking back, I sorta wish I was a little more specific and had added some factor regarding tidiness—but next time I yell at you for leaving a mess, I guess you can remind me that I didn’t.

Today, in front of our friends and family, I promise to always remember all of the areas that you fulfill, to value you for the man that you are and to love you for always as a very proud wife to an incredible man, my husband.

Linsey and Landon were married in Landon’s Aunt and Uncle’s gorgeous backyard in Reno! They would like to give special thanks to Dave and Jane Cobb for graciously allowing their property to be the site of this amazing event and putting in so much work. They would also like to send love and thanks to their officiants David Tillitt (Linsey’s uncle) and Sherry Stofko, and Karen Tillitt (Linsey’s Aunt) who put her heart and talent into the event as florist and coordinator!  

Special mention to all the other vendors as well:  BJs BBQ, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Davids Bridal (Vera Wang gown), Weddington Way (bridesmaids dresses), Rogue (knurled wedding bands), Camelot (clear tents and lighting),  The Entertainer (chairs,décor, and china).