Welcome ... I'm so glad you stopped by 

I was an Elementary School teacher for over 8 years before I decided to launch my business. It was after my Grandma passed away that I decided to go all in and pursue photography  professionally. I was reminded of how little time we are given on Earth and wanted to take my best shot at living my dream!  
My husband, Tyler,  believed in me from the very beginning! If I was all in so was he and I love him so much for that! Tyler comes to almost every wedding with me as my assistant! 
We have two beautiful children together. Our son Declan is five. He is attentive, curious, determined, and affectionate. Our daughter Esme is three. She is spirited, imaginative, and fearless. We also have a spoiled 7 year old yellow lab name Charlie with plans to adopt another pup in the works.
When I don't have a camera in my hand I can be found running my kids from school to swim lessons or gymnastics, searching through vintage or antique shops for treasures I just can't live without, and when the weather allows camping (okay let's be real "GLAM-ping") with my little family!